The National Cancer Centre Singapore announced on the 19th July 2012 that it will be offering proton therapy as a part of its radiotherapy facilities when the new centre is completed in 2017.

Traditional radiation therapy shoots an x-ray beam of charged particles, or photons, to destroy the cancer cell or damage its DNA. Unfortunately, photons also cause collateral damage to healthy cells in its path, including the cells of any vital organs in front and back of the tumor and tissue surrounding the cancer. There are many ways to modulate x-ray beams with high precision to minimize this damage such as Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT), Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT), Tomotherapy and various stereotactic radiation methods.

Proton therapy delivers the radiation payload in a way that zaps only the cancer, not the surrounding tissue, causing very little collateral damage.

In this site, we aim to compile the most relevant information from the scientific literature to aid you in making a decision if this new treatment which promises a highly precise method of radiation is for you.

More information regarding proton therapy and other advance radiotherapy techniques will be included in the near future. In the mean time, do pay us a visit at our sister site on Breast Cancer in Singapore.


Singapore, 18 Aug 2016 – The National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) has awarded a contract to Hitachi Asia Ltd, to provide a proton beam therapy system for its Proton Therapy Centre at the new NCCS building at Outram Road.  Hitachi Asia Ltd will also provide comprehensive service and maintenance to the proton beam therapy system for 10 years.
In July 2012, NCCS had announced that it would be bringing proton beam therapy into Singapore, making it the first centre in the region to offer this advanced form of radiation therapy to fight cancer.  Among other countries in Asia which are offering this treatment protocol are South Korea, Japan and China. The award comes after a comprehensive Request For Proposal and evaluation of selected Bidders.

The new Proton Therapy Centre will be housed over three floors in the basement of the new NCCS building.  It will have 4 full rotating treatment gantries and a fixed beam room.  The 4 treatment gantries can rotate 360 degrees to accurately deliver protons to the site of the tumour.  Using the latest pencil-beam scanning technology, the proton beam accurately targets and paints tumours inside the patient’s body with protons.  Unlike conventional x-ray radiation therapy, proton beam therapy is unique in that protons releases energy precisely to where the tumour is located, sparing healthy tissues and organs around it .  Patients benefit from this minimal radiation exposure.  Such treatments are most beneficial in the case of deep seated tumours which are surrounded by critical organs, such as the brain.  It is also effective for some paediatric cancers and re-radiation.

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